What to Expect from a Professional Moving Company in Houston

After you take the bold step and hire movers to help in moving your new residence, there are things you should expect from a professional moving company. However, you have no idea of what you should expect from them or what you should do when they knock at your door. Here are a few things that the company staff will do when they get to your house.

Professional Moving Company  in Houston
Professional Moving Company in Houston

1. Timely Arrival

A reliable, professional moving company will arrive at the agreed time and should not give excuses in case they are late. The company truck should be branded accordingly with enough space to accommodate everything you need. As the customer, ensure there is sufficient parking space at the entrance to accommodate the truck.

After arrival, you will be introduced to the crew members by the driver, who will also supply you with necessary documents. You should peruse the papers to see if they match the order made initially and all other matters that you had agreed upon.

2. Take Inventory 

It is advisable to go through all the items with the supervisor to make sure that they understand what they need to take. The crew should take an inventory of everything that you intend to move where they will evaluate the state of each item and assign them a catalog number.

After they list all the items, you should restudy the list to ensure that everything has been captured, and the state of each piece is clearly stated; remember to ask for a copy for future reference.

3. Home Protection

House moving involves pushing and pulling of household items. This is why it is prudent for the crew to protect the floor, and other items to prevent them from scratching and dents. Protecting the items will also minimize furniture tripping in the process of hauling.

The crew should, therefore, come armed with the necessary tools and equipment with the intention of adequate protection of all the items.

4. Packing

If the company is providing a full-service, all the items should be packed by the moving crew. They should, therefore, have everything necessary to carry the items. If they are experts in their job, they should divide themselves among the different rooms in the household. When labeling the things, what is in the boxes should not be stated on the box; it should contain the place the contents came.

After the crew finishes packing, go back to the rooms with the supervisor to make sure nothing has remained behind.

5. Dismantle the Furniture

Since not everything will go through the door, some will need dismantling for easy transportation to the truck. The movers should have the knowledge and tools to dismantle and assemble the furniture at your new place. They also need to move bulky items carefully to get them safely outside the house.

6. Truck Loading

After assembling everything outside, getting them inside the truck will be the next course of action. They should pack everything in a manner that will ensure minimal shifting during transit as too much shifting can lead to damages.

All the heavy items should be firm onto the truck using all necessary tools such as straps and blocks to minimize movement or damage to the stuff. Any box should be placed well to avoid falling or moving and bumping against one another during transit.

It would help if you carried out thorough research when choosing a professional moving company in Houston. You should ensure that the company you settle for has the necessary experience and all the tools and skills needed for seamless moving. Therefore, be wise when making your choice of movers.

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