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After identifying a moving company in Houston, the time has come for you to move. You might be wondering what you need to do before the movers get to your house. Do not worry as there are a few things you can do before the moving crew gets to you as you cannot just sit and wait for them to do everything. It is crucial to adequately prepare for the movers, especially if you have some prized possessions. This article will inform you of some of the things you can do as you wait for the movers.

moving company in Houston

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

The number of your items will determine the amount of money you will pay for the moving service. Therefore, it is good to do away with things that you no longer use. It would be best if you did away with anything that you have not used in the last year. You can decide to sell or give them away to relatives, friends, or donate to a charitable organization. For those things that are past their usefulness, take them to a recycling plant as a safety disposal measure.

Set Aside Special Items

After identifying what needs to go, note down all the things, you will be taking with you. An inventory is vital as you will use it to check if all your belongings get to your new place. In the list, also try to note down the condition or status of the items. You can do this using a pen and paper or use a mobile app that assists users to organize their inventory.

Take an Inventory

There are some things that professional movers cannot agree to pack. Such items include chemicals, weapons, explosives, ammunition, fresh food, and plants. The reason why movers refuse to transport these items is that they cannot guarantee that they will be intact when they get to their destination. Some of these items also pose a danger to the movers and other people, including passengers, if not handled correctly.

Have a ‘No Pack’ Zone

You should have a room set aside where you will keep things that will not be taken by the moving company in Houston; the movers should not get into the room. It would be best if you put a DO NOT PACK sign at the door of the room to let the packers know about this. Some of the items that should travel with the owner include medications, vital documents, electronics, and food if there is any remaining.

Take Photos

If it is possible and you have the time, you can take photos of your items before they get into the moving truck. It is advisable to take the pictures before the movers start packing them; this will serve as proof of their condition before falling into the hands of the movers.

Have a Family Briefing – moving company in Houston

To avoid confusion and to interfere with the movers, you should have a meeting where everyone is briefed of what they are expected to do. If you have children in the house, assign them an adult to look after them when packing and loading the items.

In conclusion, not all household items are suitable for transportation by a moving company; for those that fit the bill, look for a reputable moving company in Houston that will transport your items safely and conveniently. A reputable company will take the load off your shoulders and give you peace of mind.

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